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Need help signing-in? You're in the right place!

Look Mum, no passwords!

We use a Passwordless Sign-in system so you don't need to remember passwords. It works by verifying it's you by sending you a link to your registered email address. Just click the link to sign-in.

Be quick

As a security measure we place a 15 minute time limit on all sign-in requests. In other words, if the time between requesting a sign-in link and actually clicking the link is greater than 15 minutes, you will need to sign-in again to create a fresh link.

Other security measures

We generate security tokens when you sign-in to ensure it's you (i.e. a real person and not a robot), so make sure:

  • You use the same web browser to sign-in and verify. For example, you may use Firefox to sign-in but your verification email may automatically open in Safari; this will fail. Copy and paste the link into Firefox if this is the case. Even better, make Firefox your default browser for opening links
  • You keep your own email account secure (i.e. use a strong password and make sure you have two-factor authentication enabled)

Check the link doesn't wrap

The link in your verification email looks something like this:

Sign In Now

however, if your email programme is set up to read messages as plain text, the link may look something like this:


It's quite a long link and may wrap onto a second line (as above), so if you need to copy-and-paste it into your web browser address bar, make sure you copy the full link.

Didn't receive the email?

It's unlikely but our email may have found its way into your spam (or junk) folder, so it's always worth checking that.

If it's not in your spam folder, let us know you aren't receiving our emails and we'll investigate. We can check if an email is actually being sent and, assuming it is, we'll get an error response from your email service provider to say why they won't accept it.

A last resort

We recommend using the Passwordless system if you can but if you prefer to use a password, you can set a new password. If you've set a new password sign-in with a password.